Trumpler. Soaking agents


Appointment: Soft and well balanced mix of proteolytic enzymes, which is specially created for soaking. Special activators are added to improve the soak effect.

Composition: Proteolytic enzymes and activators.


  • It speeds up soaking and is ideal for short soaking (4-6 hours), as well as for long soaking.
  • Optimum activity in the pH range of 9 and 10. The product contains pH-regulating components that maintain the pH in the required range throughout the soak.
  • Promotes rapid and extensive removal of unstructured proteins, proteoglycans, blood residues and dirt. As a result, of fast and uniform penetration, it contributes to a better penetration of ash products that clean the nails and make it smooth.
  • Supports the removal of natural fat.


Appointment: It is a well-balanced mixture of proteolytic enzymes, which is specially adjusted in accordance with the requirements of soaking.

Composition: Proteolytic enzymes.


  • Accelerates the soaking process and is therefore especially suited for short-term soaking periods (4 — 6 hrs.), allowing 24-hour soaking/liming process. Can be used with 24-hour soaking-gold.
  • It works with maximum efficiency at pH 9-11.
  • Contributes to a rapid and extensive removal of unstructured proteins, proteoglycanes, residual blood and dirt. So its use results in a quick and even penetration.
  • of the subsequent liming chemicals which leads to clean and smooth pelts.
  • Supports the removal of natural fat.