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MIRMECON is a complex of preparations for vacuum treatment. It is intended for long-term protection of wood against damage by wood-destroying and wood-staining molds, algae, mosses, and wood-fretters.

As a result of years of scientific research, Neohim developed a new generation of preparations to achieve the best result in the field of wood preservation:

  • MIRMECON VACUUM — Low-foam water-based wood preservative, providing protection of the treated surface against mold fungus, mold and insects up to 60 years. Suitable for heavy-duty service.
  • MIRMECON BIO — Preservative compound for additional enhanced protection of impregnated wood against biological damage.
  • MIRMECON TON — Toning additive for water-based wood preservative MIRMECON VACUUM. Gives impregnated wood a pleasant brown shade.

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