Leather and fur industry

Neohim offers bactericides for wet processes and conservation of hot raw materials, fungicides for the prevention of semi-finished product molding, tanning agents, fillers, means for liming and dehairing, means for pulping greasing of furskins, fire retardants, sanitation preparations for facilities, and enzymes for the leather and fur industries. These products have been developed in Neohim’s laboratory and do not have full analogues in the market.

Since 2019, Neohim has been the only company entrusted with localizing the production and sale of Trumpler products in Russia and the CIS. Trumpler is a German company with 150 years of experience producing chemicals for all stages of leather and fur processing.

Such an international collaboration of two major manufacturers provides a number of important advantages for leather manufacturers:

  • knowledge, experience and assistance of Russian and foreign technologists in the implementation and use of chemicals;
  • the specialists of Neohim’s microbiological laboratory provide technical support for the quality control of chemicals and manufactured products as soon as possible;
  • chemical products of the highest quality are delivered much faster, since the localization of production in St. Petersburg.

Working with Neohim and Trumpler companies guarantees the reliability of the chemical materials used and the high efficiency of collaboration.



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Valeriy Kalyakin - Technical support manager Neohim
Technical support manager
Valeriy Kalyakin
Dragan Petrovich - Engineer for the introduction of new equipment and technology Neohim
Engineer for the introduction of new equipment and technology
Dragan Petrovich

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