Anionic Dyes

Trumpler Anionic Dyes are suitable for all leather types. They are designed taking into account all technical and environmental aspects for modern leather dyeing processes.

There are four groups of Trumpler leather dyes that, if required, can easily be combined to produce a wide range of colours and shades. Due to their good compatibility, Trumpler dyes for leather make it possible for the customers to obtain most of the typical shades produced in tanneries.

Trumpler leather dyes are supplied as non-dusting powders, except for a limited number of liquid dyes.


All Trumpler leather dyes have a high balanced level of different types of resistance; to identify the special requirements for stability, a group of TRUPOXANE dyes have been formed. These dyes have excellent levelling properties and, in particular, improved colour fastness.


This is a series of fully compatible direct and acid dyes selected due to their excellent dyeing properties.


An assortment of dyes with excellent dyeing properties and high resistance to washing and other types of exposure to moisture.


  • Anionic dyes, mainly homogeneous, with unique dyeing properties.
  • Bright shades for all leather types.
  • Excellent dyeing life.
  • Full colour palette from trendy colours to deep blacks.
  • Exceptional constancy of shades.
  • High economic efficiency.
  • Remarkable compatibility leading to maximum levelling and hiding power.
  • High quality.