Pulp and paper industry

Neohim Company offers biocides, optical brighteners, technical detergents, titanium dioxide substitutes, raw materials for coating pastes, products to prevent mineral and organic deposits, whitening enzymes, antifoaming agents and deaerators for the pulp and paper industry. These products have been developed in Neohim’s laboratory and do not have full analogues in the market.

Since 2019, Neohim — the official distributor of Blankophor optical brighteners, manufactured by the German company INDULOR, in Russia and the countries of the Customs Union of Blankophor optical brighteners, manufactured by the German company INDULOR.

Such an international collaboration of two large manufacturers provides important advantages for pulp and paper industry producers:

  • knowledge, experience and assistance of Russian and foreign technologists in the implementation and use of chemicals;
  • specialists of Neohim microbiological laboratory provide technical support for the quality control of chemicals and manufactured products as soon as possible;
  • chemical products of the highest quality are tested and delivered much faster.

The variety of cooperation options, regular technical support and quality control comply all European standards and help clients not to think about the selection and use of certain chemicals, but to work on more significant tasks of their production.

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Aleksandr Speshilov - Technical support manager Neohim
Technical support manager
Aleksandr Speshilov

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