Crosslinker agent

Osterid 0722

Application: effective strengthening additive to increase the surface strength of paper and cardboard. Used in most formulations for surface sizing of paper and formulations of coating compositions. Applied in the paper machine size press, or on a coating machine as part of coating compositions. The product is a crosslinker agent for PVA, starch, CMC, as well as acrylic and styrene-butadiene binders.

Photographic paper: an increase in the resistance of the photographic image to splashes of water — the ink does not flow.


  • pH wide range: 5 - 9.5.
  • Strengthening the bond between fibers and filler particles leads to positive results:
    • dustiness, plucking and shedding of fibers are significantly reduced;
    • the paper surface becomes more resistant to external influences, even in the presence of moisture;
    • the printing properties of offset papers are significantly improved;
    • the increasing of the resistance of the ink print to various reagents, including detergents.