Enzymes for pulp and paper industry

Denzyme AA

Application: stabilization of the starch glue viscosity used for surface sizing of paper and cardboard.


  • Reduces viscosity.
  • Effective at low dosages.
  • Good product stability during long-term storage.

Denzyme A110

Application: for the fiber refining process.


  • Allows you to reduce the cost of the mass refining.
  • Increases the efficiency of equipment in the stock preparation department.
  • Reduces loss of fine fibers and fillers.
  • Increases the rate of fiber dewatering during paper and board production.

Denzyme R200

Application: to reduce tar formation and tar particles dispergation in the stock.


  • Prevents the formation of tar deposits on machine clothing.
  • Reduces the level of triglycerides in the stock.
  • Reduces tar deposits on the paper machine.
  • Minimize tar deposit on the forming fabric and press felts of the paper machine.
  • Decreases web breaks.
  • Increases paper machine work efficiency

Denzyme D500

Application: improvement of cellulose dehydration during its processing. Specially designed for the production of packaging paper from recycled pulp on high-speed paper machines.


  • Increases the rate of water removal and, therefore, reduces energy costs for drying.
  • Improves paper formability and strength.
  • Reduces steam and starch consumption.
  • Cleans the paper machine’s circulating water system.
  • Improves the stability of the paper machine.
  • Reduces production costs.

Denzyme С600

Application: solving problems of recycled fiber paper stickiness in the prefing area or in a concentrated waste papers stock.


  • Reduces the content of sticky substances.
  • Minimizes web breaks, smudges and craters caused by sticky substances.
  • Reduces the frequency of washing paper machine clothes.
  • Increases the service life of forming fabric and press felts of the paper machine.
  • Cleans the wastewater system and reduces wastewater treatment burden.
  • Increases dehydration efficiency and reduces dry steam consumption.
  • Increases paper machine productivity and reduces overall production costs.

Denzyme V900

Application: pulp processing before the bleaching stage.


  • Allows to reduce the consumption of bleaching reagents.
  • Increases the whiteness of cellulose.
  • Reduces chlorine content in wastewater from the pulp bleaching area.
  • Increases the effectiveness of bleaching reagents.