Paint and varnish industry - technical support

Neohim company offers you not only high-quality chemical materials for coatings, but also provides free technical support.

Thanks to the work of three in-house laboratories and highly professional specialists, Neohim provides:

  • periodic biological monitoring (raw materials and finished products, production: air, water, premises, equipment);
  • identifying the source of infection;
  • selection of an effective biocidal agent in relation to isolated microorganisms;
  • conducting regular tests to check the effectiveness of the product;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of funds used in the enterprise;
  • monitoring of the content of biocides in raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.

This ensures the prevention of microbial contamination of your products (semi-finished and finished), guarantees objective quality control of manufactured leather products (semi-finished and finished), both at the same time and in the monitoring mode, and also allows you to solve questions about disputed cases of returns of illiquid products to the manufacturer.