Alkaline Foam Detergents

FORCLEA brand alkaline foam detergents are used to remove contaminants of organic origin in:

  • various types of process equipment, containers, stainless steel equipment or alkali-resistant materials.
  • various surfaces of production units at enterprises:
    • food and processing industries (confectionery, bakery, dairy, meat processing, fish processing, beer and soft drinks, etc.),
    • objects of veterinary supervision (poultry farms, pig farms, dairy farms, etc.);
    • agricultural facilities;
    • trade points;
    • catering facilities;
    • housing and utilities facilities;
    • transportation items;
    • medical prevention units;
    • household.

FORCLEA Foam is a liquid foam alkaline detergent. It is an aqueous solution containing a mixture of alkalis, inorganic salts, surfactants and complexing agents.

FORCLEA Foam Cl is a liquid foam alkaline detergent based on active chlorine. It is an aqueous solution containing sodium hypochlorite, a mixture of alkalis, inorganic salts, surfactants and complexing agents.



  • Contain effective auxiliary components.
  • Effective in removing both fresh and old pollutions.
  • Effective at low concentrations of 0.5%.
  • Effective at low temperatures.
  • Contain surfactant.
  • High stable foaming.

Packages: 5 kg, 10 kg, 30 kg, 200 kg, 1000 kg.