Normative and technical documentation development. Obtaining permits

By the technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union «On the safety of chemical products» (TR EAEU 041/2017) hazard classification and labeling of chemical products becomes mandatory in accordance with the UN Recommendations — GHS, which have been introduced on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union through a series of interstate standards (GOST 32419, GOST 32423, GOST 32424, GOST 32425 and GOST 31340).

Every company that produces chemical products must prepare in advance for the requirements of the new legislation:

  • develop and register a Safety Data Sheet (SD) in accordance with GOST 30333;
  • develop/update the Technical Specifications (TS), labels, instructions for use (IP).

The presence of a set of updated product documents (technical specifications, safety data sheet, instructions for use, label) will allow you to free carry out commercial activities under the new legislation.

The development of normative and technical documentation requires special technical knowledge and skills, as well as practical experience, therefore it is better to entrust it to specialists.

Benefits of working with Neohim:

  • Special department of technical document management and consulting, whose specialists have many years of experience in the development of documents in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation and regulatory documents, in the chemical industry. This allows, with a complete understanding of the process, to take into account the features of the products and the goals of the Customer.
  • Neohim takes full responsibility for the entire process of obtaining the Customer's documents, helping him to obtain only the necessary documents.
  • Neohim specialists have the opportunity to obtain any documents at the request of the Customer.
  • The price includes the maximum quality of the services provided and the minimum terms for their implementation.
Normative and technical documentation development. Obtaining permits

Neohim guarantees the confidentiality of the information received from the Customer.


  • Development of a Safety Data Sheet (SD) in accordance with the requirements of GOST 30333.
    A safety data sheet is a mandatory part of technical documentation for chemical products, designed to provide the consumer with reliable information on the safety of industrial use, storage, transportation and disposal of chemical products, as well as its use for domestic purposes.
    A safety data sheet is an integral part of the documentation that is provided for standardization, certification, state expertise, licensing, etc., as well as for the transportation of chemical products across the territory of the Russian Federation and export-import operations.
  • Development of Specifications in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 1.3.
    Technical conditions — a document that establishes the requirements for the quality and safety of products / a group of similar products, necessary and sufficient for its identification, quality control and safety during manufacture, transportation, storage, use.
  • 3. Filling in the Products Catalog sheet in accordance with the requirements.
    Catalog sheet — an information document containing a single set of details that allows you to obtain information about the name and designation of a specific product, about a manufacturer, about a document for a specific product, in accordance with the requirements of which the products are produced and supplied, about the holder of the original of the specified document, as well as about the main consumer characteristics of these products.
  • Catalog sheet Registration in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 1.8.
    Entering information about the product / technical specifications into the Data Bank of Russia.
  • Complete set of documents.
    A comprehensive service that includes the development of a complete set of regulatory and technical documentation (technical specifications, safety data sheet, instructions for use, label) in accordance with the requirements of current legislation and regulatory documents.
  • Completing the Chemical Substance Inventory Template.
    Until 06/02/2023, the company has the right to submit information about the chemical for inclusion in the register without carrying out the notification procedure, subject to the provision of documents confirming the circulation of the chemical on the Union market before the EAEU TR 041/2017 entry into force.
  • Registration of information (refusal) letters
    Explanation of the belonging of the products to the objects for which it is required to obtain the appropriate permits with references to the current legislation.
  • 8. Intermediary services for obtaining the necessary permits for products.
    • Mandatory:
      • expert opinion and / or certificate of state registration;
      • certificates and declarations of conformity.
    • The Customer request:
      • voluntary certificate;
      • eco-certificate;
      • certificate of origin of goods, etc.

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Normative and technical documentation development. Obtaining permits