Microbiological research

Microbiological laboratory of Neohim monitors products with biocidal activity, at each stage — from development to monitoring the effectiveness of the agents for the consumer.

Fields of activity of the microbiological laboratory:

  • microbiological control of raw materials and finished products protected by biocidal compounds produced by Neohim during the entire warranty period of storage;
  • microbiological control of the products of third-party organizations, protected by biocidal compositions produced by Neohim;
  • metermination of the effectiveness of in-container preservatives;
  • mycological examination;
  • active participation in the development and testing of new products, including the selection of the most effective biocidal preparations and optimal concentrations, providing the maximum level of protection against bio-damage;

A separate direction of the microbiological laboratory activity is the provision of services for partner enterprises:

  • microbiological monitoring of the production environment with the identification of critical points; study of the microflora of the enterprise and the compilation of the «Museum» of microorganisms, which is used in subsequent studies of the enterprise and allows evaluating how the species composition of microflora and the level of contamination of manufacturing environment change;
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of the biocidal preparations used to prevent the bio-damage;
  • selection of biocidal preparations and optimal concentrations of their use;
  • studies of raw materials and finished products
  • development of an individual program to prevent the bio-damage;
  • training.