Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a specialized service of Neohim company, which allows you to optimize the introduction of new products in the market conditions of today.

Contract manufacturing is the production of products to order at the facilities of an independent manufacturer, which ensures full compliance with the technological cycle and quality control at all stages of the production cycle in accordance with the customer's requirements.

Neohim is a recognized specialist in the production of biocides, antiseptics and disinfectants for various industries.

Advantages of contract manufacturing:

  • No need for own production.
    Creating and maintaining production is a very labor-and financial-intensive item. By entering into a contract production agreement with Neohim, the customer gets rid of all the problems associated with production, while receiving the product in the agreed quantity and required quality, manufactured in accordance with the technical task.
  • Ability to scale for large orders.
    Manufacturers are not always able to take large orders due to capacity constraints. By signing a contract for contract production with Neohim, you can be sure of rapid scaling for a large order.

Neohim company guarantees:

  • confirmed the terms of the order;
  • quality control at all stages of production;
  • using only high-quality raw materials from trusted suppliers. Raw materials are checked by a quality laboratory using special methods.
  • the quality of products is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate, successful annual audits of partners, for example, the largest DIY chains, as well as three-stage quality control of products in the laboratory. In 2018, the British Standards Institution (BSI), after an audit to assess the company as a supplier, awarded Neohim LLC the highest category A — «Best supplier».

You can get not just a finished product, but a specially developed method of complex work on its production and quality control, which will allow you to expand to other production sites.

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